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About me

about me page imageI have always been an artist. Always drawing, painting, crafting, photographing. I have been taking pictures since I was a little girl. I had a Polaroid, a Kodak kid’s camera, several 35mm film cameras. I would go through so much film that my parents had to give me a film developing allowance. Several years ago, I found a few undeveloped rolls of film and had it developed. The color was off due to the film being old, but those memories of my sister and me and our Barbie dolls and our pet Doberman dressed up in culottes (remember those?) were priceless.

I started photographing friends’ babies and kids when I bought my first DSLR in 2008. I loved being able to capture their little one’s milestones and it snowballed from there. Christine Melissa Photography was born. Over the years, I have taken several workshops with well known photographers, read countless books and still continue to learn and develop my signature style. Now that I have my own children, my drive to stop time and capture memories is even stronger.

I live in Islip Terrace with my wonderful husband and our twin girls, Hannah and Brielle and my baby girl, Ryleigh. My girls, like many “photogakids” are so tired of me and my camera, but I NEED to photograph them and freeze time. They change so quickly from month to month and week to week that it’s important to me to keep up with it.

I want to capture those memories for you! Your sleepy newborn with his tiny little features that will change ever so slightly within a month’s time. Your 6 month old who just started to sit up on her own. Your one year old, standing and walking and being ONE! (where did that year go??).  Your family together – smiling … giggling … being silly…being you.

5 fun facts about me:

I love coffee. (Starbucks preferred)

I buy clothing for my girls with photo shoot setups in mind.

Joey McIntyre waved right at my friend and me at a New Kids concert. (really!!)

I love coffee. Oh I said that already? Cut me some slack. I have twins so coffee is my saving grace. Mint Oreos too.

My favorite TV shows, movies and books are sci-fi-esqe or involve vampires.


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